Considering A DIY Paint Touchup?

28 June 2016
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There's often no harm in attempting to do a paint touchup on your vehicle yourself. The materials are low-cost and easily to apply, and they don't present much of a hazard to you. And in the event that your touchup is botched, you still have options for consulting an auto body repair shop.  You should take the car directly into the shop if you're looking to change the color of the car. Read More 

Car Spray Painting Tips For A Cleaner Finish

17 May 2016
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Your car may need painting as a result of accidental scratches or time-triggered wear and tear. And given that all that you need to get a paint job done is a spray gun, paint and a couple of easily available accessories, it is sometimes more convenient to do the job yourself. The following are painting tips that will come in handy in helping you end up with a clean and refined paintwork. Read More 

Auto Body Repairs: DIY Or DI-Don’t?

20 April 2016
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If you have been involved in a car accident, you likely have some auto body damage that you will want to take care of. Whether the auto body damage is obvious or not, you may be considering whether or not it is something that you can fix yourself. Here's what you should know that will help you determine whether or not doing it yourself is worth it: See How Far the Scratches Go:  Read More 

When To Replace And When To Fix: Car Windshield Edition

4 February 2016
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If you recently noticed a crack or a chip in your windshield, you may be wondering whether you need to have it replaced, or if you can take care of the problem on your own. There are several aspects to consider when trying to make this decision: #1: Crack vs. Chip Generally, if your windshield has a chip in it, you should try to repair it before replacing it. Chips are often in one focused location on the windshield, whereas cracks span several inches of the glass. Read More