Considering A DIY Paint Touchup?

28 June 2016
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There's often no harm in attempting to do a paint touchup on your vehicle yourself. The materials are low-cost and easily to apply, and they don't present much of a hazard to you. And in the event that your touchup is botched, you still have options for consulting an auto body repair shop. 

You should take the car directly into the shop if you're looking to change the color of the car. Also, if you want to add custom hydrographics or other visual features to the paint, then it's best to have these done by a professional. 

How Difficult is it to Apply Paint?

The most difficult part of attempting a DIY paint touchup will be in getting the materials you need. You might need to consult an auto body repair technician to make sure that you're getting the right type of paint to match your existing color. You should also ask for advice on how many coats of paint to apply; this can vary by the type and brand of paint as well as the color.

As far as obtaining the paint itself, you can get it at your auto body shop, or sometimes you can buy touch-up kits from your manufacturer that match your original materials. Urethane paint is a great option for durable color, and you can finish it off with a clear coat protective layer. When you have the materials in hand, you will want to use a soft brush to apply the paint and clear coat, following the directions in your touch up kit.

If you need to apply the paint to details in your car you might need some additional tools. For filling in small cracks, you can use a small craft brush to get into the nooks and crannies. If you need to reach the paint on your plastic auto parts, then you might need to add wax in order to get the paint to stick permanently. 

Getting an Autobody Shop to Do Your Touchup

And in the end, should your job not turn out the way you hoped it would, there's no shame in taking it into the shop to see if they can apply a new touchup over your attempt. Often times, an auto body repair shop can completely cover a botched paint job and make it look as if nothing ever happened. This is an encouragement for those who want to try their hand at painting and attempt to save a few bucks. 

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