What Types Of Paint Damage Can An Auto Collision Repair Shop Fix?

4 October 2022
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When you think of an auto collision repair shop, you likely think of a shop where dents and dings in a car are repaired. While dents and dings can be repaired at an auto collision repair shop, paint repairs are another item that these shops frequently handle. Read on to learn about the various types of paint damage that a car collision repair center can fix.  

Paint Matching Services

If you attempted to make repairs to your vehicle yourself or had poor body work completed, the paint where your vehicle was damaged may not match the paint on the rest of your car. This makes that part of your car stand out like a sore thumb. A skilled auto collision repair shop offers paint matching services, helping to match a repaired part of your car with the paint on the rest of your car. 

Fading Paint

You may need paint repair services because your paint is fading. Paint can fade when your car is exposed to extreme sunlight, or exposed to road salts that can strip away the protective layer on your car. Using wax or protective coatings can help to prevent your paint from fading. However, if large portions of the paint are fading, a new coat of paint may need to be applied to your vehicle. 

Paint Swirl Marks

Paint swirl marks are often caused by a series of small scratches that leave a swirling pattern behind. Harsh car washing machines, abrasive scrubbing mitts, and branches rubbing against your car can all leave these types of scratches. An auto collision repair shop will likely need to buff out the scratches and then touch up the paint to remove the swirl marks. 

Scratches, Chips, or Flaking

Any time you notice deep scratches, chips, or flaking to the paint on your car, you will want to bring your vehicle to an auto collision repair shop. They can fill in scratches, buff out thin scratches and chips, and sand away flaking paint. They can then use touch-up paint or paint the entire body of your car, depending on the extent of the damage. 

If you have paint damage to your automobile, it is important to get that damage repaired. Paint damage can reduce the value of your vehicle. In some cases, such as when the paint is scratched, chipped, or flaking, paint damage can also allow water to seep into the metal body of your car and allow rust to start to form. Reach out to an auto collision repair shop today to learn more about how they can help with the paint damage on your car or obtain an estimate for auto body paint damage repair. 

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