Creating A Great Look For The Outside Of Your Fleet Vehicles With Vinyl Wraps

22 March 2022
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When you run a fleet of vehicles for your company or business, it is essential that you have a cohesive look and feel across the entire fleet. A vehicle pulling up to a job site or home that is clearly identifiable and looks professional can play a positive role in how people see your business. Fleet wraps are one option that could help with this.

Custom Designs

Planning the design for the fleet wraps that will cover your trucks, vans, or cars is an essential first step. Often the design will include a company logo and other information that you want the customer or client to see. Still, there can also be some design elements that use the vehicle's body lines to help specific items stand out. 

Fleet wraps can be designed by the vehicle wrap company that is making and installing the wraps, or you can use an in-house designer to create something that looks great for your business. Once the vinyl wrap is laid out in the computer, the design can be finalized and transferred to the company making the wraps for you. 

In most cases, they will create a mock-up of the vehicle style you are going to wrap and send you the design for final approval. This is the time to make any changes to the layout or the design because once you approve it, the fleet wraps will be printed and the vinyl cut to fit the vehicles that you will have the wraps on.

Fleet Wrap Installation

When your fleet wraps are ready to be installed on your vehicles, the vehicle should be washed and completely dry when delivered to the auto wrap installer. The simple step of washing and drying the vehicle can significantly impact the success of the fleet wraps on your vehicles, so it is essential to ensure that it is done the day before the wrap is installed. If the car is wet or not clean, it will affect the adhesions, and the vehicle wrap may peel up in areas.

Once the vehicle is ready, the installer will bring the vehicle into the shop and begin putting the wrap pieces on the vehicle. It may only involve a few parts if you are wrapping a car, but a truck or delivery van may include more pieces to cover the entire vehicle correctly. 

Often on larger delivery vehicles, the side of the truck back is covered, and the cab may be wrapped as well, but seldom do these trucks get a complete head-to-tail wrap. If you have a large fleet of vehicles, the wrapping process may take several weeks or longer, so it is essential to choose a design that you can keep long term.  

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