Accidentally Drive Through Paint Or Get Paint Sprayed On Your Automobile? Get It Fixed Fast

3 October 2019
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Did someone accidentally spray paint near your car, or somehow it looks like you drove through paint and it was flung from the tires of your vehicle onto the body? However it happened, you want to take the vehicle to an auto body repair shop before you try to repair the paint on your own.

You don't want to try to take any type of paint remover product to the vehicle and risk damaging the body paint underneath the paint that is now devaluing your vehicle. Here are some of the things to ask a professional.

Can the Paint Be Removed without Damages?

The body shop can first try to remove the paint speckles and marks without scratching the body of the car. The type of paint that is on the vehicle and the amount will affect how easy or difficult it is to get off and whether it can be done without any damages. This should be their first attempt, but they may tell you when they give you the estimate that it isn't possible if they tried in a small area.

What's the Cost to Repaint the Vehicle?

Next, you want to find out what the cost will be to repaint the vehicle. This will be determined by the following information:

  • Model of car and if the paint color is stock or custom
  • Area of car that needs to be painted
  • Amount of sanding and coats that will be needed

If you have a lot of scratches and damages to the vehicle or some other areas that you wanted to have touched up, this is a great time to have it all done.

How Long Will the Paint Job Take?

You will be without your vehicle while this is getting done. You will want to get estimates and timelines from more than one body shop, and then you can decide how long you can go without your vehicle. You may have to take the estimate with the shortest amount of time.

Getting spray paint, road paint, or any type of paint or adhesive on your car can be a cosmetic problem. If you are unhappy with looking at the damages and you want to get your vehicle fixed right away, you will want to call an auto body shop and get the vehicle in for an inspection right away. This way, you are ready to get the vehicle fixed and restore the value.