Three Tips To Help You With Light Auto Body Work And Repairs

17 December 2015
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Some car repairs require you to visit an auto body shop for repairs. However, if you've merely experienced light auto body damage, you may be able to perform a few simple repairs yourself. Here are some tips to help you with some of the smallest repairs when your car has body damage:

1. Replacing Loose Bumper Covers And Body Trim

Modern cars often have bumper covers. These are pieces of plastic-like materials that cover the metal "crush-zone" of your car, which is meant to give way in an accident for safety. The bumper covers can come loose due to small bumps and other problems. It's even possible to lose your bumper cover while driving if you hit a pothole or a curb. If your bumper cover is damaged, you may want to replace it yourself. You will just need to remove the old bumper cover and the plastic clips that hold it onto the bumper. Use new clips to attach the new bumper cover, then replace any bolts.

2. Aligning And Replacing Hoods And Trunk Lids

Your hood and trunk lids can also get damaged easily. Fortunately, they have bolts that can be adjusted to move the hood or lid. To remove these parts, unbolt them and replace the hood or trunk lid with a new one. When you have a hood or lid in place, keep the bolts loose and move the hood so there is an even gap on both sides. Then, tighten the bolts. If you have a bent hinge, use a large wrench to gently bend it back in place. It will be easiest to do this when the hood is partially open. Use a cushion or rubber mat to avoid scratching the paint or causing more damage to your car.

3. Replacing A Damaged Fender That Bolts On The Body

Since your fender is located on the front of your car, it can get damaged by accidents or light bumps. If you have a severely damaged fender, unbolt it from the car and bolt a new one on. In many cases, you may have to remove the front grill, radiator, light assemblies and other parts to access all the bolts that hold the fender in place.

These are some tips to help you with some of the smallest auto body repairs. If you need more extensive repairs or painting, contact an auto body shop like Auto Body By Duie LLC to help complete the repairs that you need for the body of your car.