Swirl Painting Your Car

26 October 2015
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If you are looking for a way to add your own style to your car, you may want to jazz things up a bit by giving it a swirl effect with enamel paints and water. You can use this painting method on any part of the car that's plastic or metal. This means you can use this painting method to paint parts on the inside or outside of your car. Follow the instructions below to swirl paint using the colors and designs of your choice.

Prepare the piece

If you are going to be painting plastic, then you want to clean the piece up with dish soap and water to remove any dust and dirt from it. If you are going to be painting metal, then you want to sand off any existing paint and get the surface as smooth as possible. Use paint primer to prime the piece and allow it to dry.

Prepare the work area

You need to have a waterproof tub large enough for you to completely submerge the piece you will be painting without it touching the bottom or sides when it is fully submerged. Fill the tub with room temperature water.

Swirl paint your piece

Take enamel paint and add it to the water, using an eyedropper to put the paint in the water at the surface, not by dripping it from above. Add in all the colors you want. You want to try to add them as quickly as you can so they don't dry, but still give them enough time to expand to create unique designs in the water.

Once you have all the colors you want put in the water, take a toothpick and move them around so they are laid out in a way you are happy with. Take your piece and dip it slowly at a 30 degree angle all the way down in the water.

Once it is submerged, leave it in place and take a piece of rolled up newspaper to remove the rest of the paint off the surface of the water. Once the excess paint has been removed then you can pull your piece out of the water. Allow it to dry completely and then paint it with a clear enamel.

You should be aware that there are benefits that come with taking your car in to a professional auto body and paint shop when you want any customizations done. This way, you know they are being handled by the professionals. However, if you feel you are ready to give it a try for yourself, then the steps above can help.